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Francis Kneebone releases emotive track 'The Long Nails'

Francis Kneebone is an Australian singer-songwriter with an array of tracks. His most recent being 'The Long Nails'. Francis has gone on to describe the song: "'The Long Nails' started as a poem which I wrote while struggling with a conflict situation and hard situation for our family and one of my kids. The words are sung from the perspective of the hammer but seeks sympathy for the nails. I now realise I wrote it as relating to feeling sometimes like the hammer, sometimes like the nails, and to my delight people are really connecting with this concept and the song."

'The Long Nails' is a poetic, highly emotive piece: with tranquil, acoustic strumming that builds throughout and harmonious vocals. The simplicity of the melody plays with your heart strings. When listening, it’s apparent that Francis is driven by his own experiences; which results in a vulnerable and touching track. Having released a number of songs, he is currently demonstrating a wealth of potential that'll no doubt secure his place in the music industry.

The Brisbane solo-artist really shows off his prowess in musicianship with his honest lyricism and self-produced pieces. We hope to hear more from Frank Kneebone soon!

You can hear Francis’ previous tracks and 'The Long Nails' here:

Keep an eye on his socials to see what he's up to here:

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