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KING IBEX - 'King Ibex' debut album

Newport rising stars King Ibex have created a stir in the South Wales music scene with their self titled debut album. They go from absolute ‘cacophony’ to a mellowed, laid-back rhythm.

The self-titled release begins with 'A Fools End': a fierce and gutsy bass line which continues throughout, paired with a thundering drum beat and classic rock riff. Vocally it's raw and grungy.

'Graveyard Shift' continues the vibe but gives us an auditory gift of the warm acoustic contrasting with the electric finale.

The next track, 'Saudade Valley', is quite mellowed in comparison to the last few. The melodic instrumental along with the raising of a gravelly voice builds up into a passionate chorus.

'Concussion' is a fast-paced, foot-tapping track that will surely get a crowd going. If it could be compared to anything, I'd have to go with a much more raw and older Foo Fighters.

It's very clear to see in this release that King Ibex have a really strong sound, especially reflected in their energetic instrumentals and tight solos.

'Priest Hole' is a prime example of how King Ibex have merged grunge with hard rock. It's nostalgic with its punchy bass line and gentle strumming towards the end, bringing a sense of classic 90s rock and roll.

Then comes 'Crooks of the Commons', a punky, hard rock anthem! It's high-octane with its shortened, frantic riffs and a flurry of foot stomps. It's distorted guitar slides and vigorous drum beats towards the middle makes it a damn good crowd pleaser.

Next up are 'B Type Fun (Broken)' and 'Westminster Daydream'. 'B Type Fun (Broken)' being a clean, rock fuelled track with slight hints of an Avenged Sevenfold style guitar sound and 'Westminster Daydream' being slightly indie influenced with its bouncy/jumpy bass lines, riffs and beats.

Lastly, to end the record, 'Ballot': a highly energetic, classic rock tune. The thrashing of the drums and the anthemic rhythm from both the bass and guitar, gives us a blistering ending to the "performance".

This record will no doubt have people on their feet. KING IBEX have mastered a dynamic take on the rock genre to make a note-worthy first album. Watch this space!

You can stream 'King Ibex' here:

OR you can purchase your copy of the record here:


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