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Avatar/ The Mahones/ Dylan Walshe - Bristol Anson Rooms 19/01/19


Avatar having released ‘Avatar Country’ earlier last year, have embarked on their first UK tour since 2014. They returned to Bristol to not only play a gig, but put on one of the most theatrical performances I had ever seen. They're on the par with Rammstein - just not as vulgar.

Opening the night was Irishman Dylan Walshe. He performed his beautifully melodic tunes to a very supportive crowd. It was certainly an unexpected set for a heavy metal show but he certainly pleased the crowd with his acoustic songs.

Secondly, Irish punk rock band The Mahones brought their infectious energy to stage with some classic Irish anthems. They were obviously very patriotic - they brought a strong influence of Irish culture with them. With a lot of humour and a huge amount of talent they almost certainly went home with a lot more fans. Vocalist 'Finny McConnell' kept reiterating that Avatar would play one of the best heavy metal shows he had ever seen - and he’s seen Sabbath! And he was certainly not wrong!

Lastly, we were warmly welcomed into Avatar Country. Carnival-esque and theatrics galore, Avatar opened with the grand entrance of the one and only King of Avatar Country. Starting the night with ‘A Statue of the King’ - taken from their latest release ‘Avatar Country’. A list of fan favourites and heavy-metal anthems had the crowd going crazy. The devilishly disturbing behaviour of circus master ‘Eckerström’ added to the already hypnotising performance.

Throughout the whole night the Swedish rockers gave us an uncensored gallivant into Avatar Country.

To end, the quintet introduced themselves again, in a rather unexpected (for some) way. Each one had changed and were now dressed head to toe in white. An unexpected blast of colour shocked the audience as bubbles appeared out of nowhere. But was it all really that unexpected? No. This is exactly what they would do and my god did they get away with it! Music interrupted as guitars echoed and the drums started. The screams of Eckerström along with wails from the crowd, fan favourite ‘Hail The Apocalypse’ began, ending the spectacle.


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